Ice Cream Dreams - Snuffy


This is a first for U.Q.; to distribute a 12 TRACK full length album that is not of the House or Techno Realm. Snuffy.NYC aka Snuffy as he is commonly referred to, has been locked underground making sounds since 2008. Fast forward, 2018, Underground Quality and DJ Jus Ed dragged him from his Cave to bring you Snuffy's debut album ICE CREAM DREAMS. ICD is disorienting, each track detached from time and yet, elements of classic hip hop and dance creep in. When he isn't sound making you might find him Tattooing in Brooklyn NY. You also might not find him at all. Here's where you can start - - @SNUFFY.NYC

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  • Model: Snuffy-NYC-001
  • Artist: Snuffy
  • Music Genre: Hip Hop/Electro/Dance/Low-Fi

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