Son of Sound 03


This 12" vinyl release Son Of Sound 03 features tracks from the album Son Of Sound. Henry Maldonado's eclectic, raw underground production is once again present in these high-powered gems. Phreak With U made its debut in the online Juicy Couture ad, showcasing their fall collection. Raw and haunting disco style loops open things up for a few bars, then the track drops to reveal its infectious bass that carries throughout. The vocal hook asks - is it ok to freak? Of course the answer is yes and you move on to a series of chord builds, piano and even more infectious groove.

Er'body Gonna Love You Anyway is a sweat-a-long, t-shirt soaker guaranteed to seriously test any hardwood floor. Raw MPC style drum programming and sampling create a build that levels off into a looping groove to make you forget you're listening to a track with no baseline. The drop introduces the vocal hook - "People changin' hunny, so put your trust in me". While you're at it, put your trust in the looping string section that follows hook. Once again all New York, raw and underground here. Trust us on this.

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  • Artist: Henry Maldonado
  • Music Genre: House

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