CUP-001 Liderlige Rytmer Del 1 af 3


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen Underground Posse (C.U.P.) is the first label on the new Underground Quality distribution run by DJ Jus-Ed. C.U.P.’s focus lies on the local scene in Copenhagen and is dedicated to show the world what the scene up north is about. The debut vinyl ‘Liderlige Rytmer Del 1 af 3’ is a four-track V/A featuring local heroes 2400 Operator (UQ), Samuel Andre Madsen (UQ/Balance/Concrete) and new talents Kasper Marott (C.U.P.), Supertonic (C.U.P.), a remix from the label owners Daniel Savi and Daniel Bruhn Jensen aka Dee Brown backed by yet another remix from Jus-Ed himself. The release is a horny package ranging from prime-time analog acid, hypnotic melodic house to deep, rolling beats.


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  • Model: CUP001
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Music Genre: House

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