CUP-004 Genealogia


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"One in a million beatmakers, but the one in a million kind..."The Århus-born beatsmith extraordinaire Terry Tester's career behind the decks and MPC spansnearly two decades almost solely spent within the world of hiphop. After an unintentional kebab lunch,an immediate musical connection was sparked between the label owner of Copenhagen UndergroundPosse and Terry, who then dived head first into house music - and what a result! Having made hislabel-debut with the raw, bass-heavy roller 'Change Up' included on the V/A 'Liderlige Rytmer Del 2 af3", Terry now returns to C.U.P. with the EP 'Genealogia', showcasing his unique style of tape drumtracks, warm subby bottom ends and spacey funk melodies.

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