Sound Dig Series Volume 3 Pt.1 BU-M 025


The" Sound Dig Series" returns with the same spirit of collaboration and distinctive sound that set it apart from the compilation fray. This time around the familial gathering features, Introspective, Jay Mond, Sean Bird &Wallflower, along for the ride in part 1 of the vinyl version of this series.

Leading off things is well established producer Roberto Bosco(Balance Alliance,ART) under his moniker "Introspective" who simply brings the heat with “Survive”.

Jay Mond with past productions so far on Finale Sessions & Sound Warrior appears here with her take on the deeper side of the techno sphere with “Double Thinking” which begs for just a little more before making a smooth exit.

Our new generation of relative new comers include Irishman Sean Bird debuting his productions on Bumako with “Untitled” paying homage to deep house origins while introducing his own moody brand of balearic house.

Bringing things to a close is production Duo "Wallflower" composed of Alison Marks&Leah Floyeurs who mainly showcase their work on the Rebirth label. They bring their elegant vision and refined sound with “Dove Tales”.

Sound Dig Series Vol.3 Pt.2 which comes later on this year will future music from Jenifa Mayanja, Denis Clifford, Seeblueseashores and Sean Bird.

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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Music Genre: House

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