BU-M021 Undersoul EP


ON SALE The first release of 2013 from Bumako recordings features the creative force known as Jenifa Mayanja and the underated talents of German producer Marco Nega.

“You will Stay” the A side features a breezy catchy vocal by Jenifa percolating smoothly on top of an infectious rhythm and tribal style beats for those seeking an intense rhythm based work on the dancefloor..

The B Side featuring Marco Nega who has been quietly been releasing music on UQ and Batti Batti is a soul electronic classic..with some additional vocals and production by Ms. Mayanja herself.

Track Listing

Side A
Jenifa Mayanja-
1-You will stay(dedication mix)
2-You will stay(beats-a-lot)

Side B
Marco Nega
1-Tribes of Morgana( additional production/vocals J.Mayanja)
2-Hang in there(additional production J.Mayanja)

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