BU-M 019 Re-Create Part 1



Rounding out the year in style for Bumako recordings, label boss Jenifa Mayanja brings into rotation what is to become a fresh underground crew of singers, artists and producers to collaborate and expound on the organic deep house sound the label represents.

Alison Marks, no stranger to the scene, makes her debut on Bumako Rec. via some original folkstyle songs she passed on to Ms. Mayanja who she had become friends with through soundcloud. Upon hearing the songs, Jenifa fell in love with the whole vibe and Alison's alluring vocals and decided to remake them into a deep house groove. Ms. Marks has been a long time dj with a long list of notable gigs at Proganda in Moscow and Turnmills in London where she originates. Her recent release on Rebirth was in play by many heavy hitters including, Danny Krivit, Alain Ho, Rocky Xpress 2 and loads of others.

To put the icing on the cake, Jenifa enlisted one of her favorite producers and friend, Dubbyman, to bring the heat from a different direction and he took the original vocals to heart, spinning the track into a seductive crowd pleaser.

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