Bu-M 024 Miracles Of Matter Rmxs



Denis Clifford's “Miracles of Matter Rmxs” takes some of the best originals from the debut cd album of the same name and works them up into a warm classic sound. The opener “Blue Moves” remixed by Jus-­-Ed smooths out the runway with a hands up in the air piano riff and a searing string loop that stirs the emotions in all the right ways. Denis Clifford the artist here does his own rework of “Time” which features the vocals of Jenifa Mayanja into a more sexy ready for the dancefloor vibe.

The Flip side begins with a remix by Andrew Duke which is a broken beat minimal sound with the superior vocals of Jesse Heffernan and Kyrie Devereaux resting on a hard bed of snared verbed out rhythms. Label boss Jenifa Mayanja rounds out the release with a glossy piece of bass driven fare done as only she does with full on emotional flair perfect for those nights that you never want to end.

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